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2005 Tahoe Seat Covers

Our 2005 Tahoe seat covers are top-of-the-heap surrogate to protect your back when driving, the full set of seat covers includes the front and rear two-tone seat cover, which is in black and red, making an outstanding alternative for a different look or style for your car. Other features include the k name and number badge on the back.

05 Tahoe Seat Covers

This 3-layer waterproof seat cover for suv is sterling for keeping you safe while driving, it arrives front and back, making it facile to take with you anywhere. The black and gray design is enticing for any vehicle, this is an 5-pack of seat covers for the 2005 tahoe. These covers are made of black-colored fabric that will protect your back while you're driving, they include three versions: red, green, and black. The red cover is rough-around-the-edges, while the green cover is very soft and comfortable, and the black cover is make of close-able fabric that also protects your back, our seat covers are first-class for an auto or truck. They are made of 12 different color polyester fabric that is going to protect your seats and make you feel safe, our covers are also resistant to wear and tear so you can keep your car or truck running well and look good doing it. This is an 5 seat full set car seat cover, it's a high quality leather cover that is universal for front and rear seats. It offers a cushion effect and is fabricated of high-quality materials, it is available in leather and beige.